Basics of CFD Trading

Flexible way of trading in financial markets

CFDs are a trading tool with which you can make a profit or lose money, depending on the fluctuations in the price of a financial asset; In this case, you do not need to own the underlying asset. The amount of profit / loss depends on the difference in the initial price of the contract (contract prices at the time of opening the transaction) and the price of the contract when the transaction closes.

The deposit for such a contract will be significantly less than the amount necessary for its conclusion, since it is a leverage transaction. So you maximize the potential profit in case your assumption is true.

A trading transaction opens with a "buy" or "sale" CFD:

  • BUY
  • – if you assume that the price of an asset (shares, currency pairs, commodities, indices) increases, you buy CFDs.
  • SALE
  • – if you assume that the asset price (share, currency pair, commodity, index) will go down, you sell CFD.

If you correctly determine the direction of the price, the potential profit will depend on the points on which the rate will grow. In the case of an erroneous choice, you can lose the invested funds partially or completely.

Unlike an offline broker or bank, CFD trading gives you the opportunity to open deals on hundreds of leading financial instruments without additional commissions.

We offer the most flexible leverage in the industry, which will allow you to increase your investment up to 200 times. By investing $ 100, you can trade $ 20,000, which also maximizes potential profits.


One of the main advantages of CFD is the ability to start trading with little capital and potentially gain a good profit.

  • Easy to master and become a pro
  • More than 500 best financial assets
  • Flexible leverage up to x200
  • Fixed low-cost spread
  • Possibility to open several positions at the same time
  • Transparent, safe and risk-free

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