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Leading trading assets

At the moment, GuardianStock offers more than 500 world trading assets for CFD, and their list is constantly updated. The following are basic concepts that will help you understand what trading assets are.

What are trading assets and how to make money on them?

A trading (financial) asset is any position or product that can be bought and resold, preferably with a profit. This can be any physical object, for example, a bar of gold or a barrel of oil, a company stock or a currency. The price of the asset grows and falls in accordance with the basic laws of supply and demand. Traders, in turn, are looking for opportunities to make money on fluctuations in the prices of trading assets.

Modern online trading gives traders new opportunities, as new financial assets become available at auction in electronic form. Investors can trade in indices along with tangible assets, investing in their market prices through CFD (contract for difference).

Trading online has saved traders from having to acquire a certain asset and enter into direct possession of them in order to trade them further. All financial assets that are presented on the GuardianStock platform are available for CFD trading. Often they are called simply "CFD assets".

Leading trading assets

There are only four categories of assets that are available for online trading in the CFD market:

  • Crypto currency
  • Commodities
  • Stock
  • Indexes

Trade in Crypto currency

Crypto currency is the most interesting asset on the market. The price changes quickly and unpredictably. People are looking for ways to buy, for example, Bitcoin, or to engage in mining. Both are complex and expensive. GuardianStock offers an advantageous alternative. Earn on rising or falling rates of popular crypto currency!

Commodity trading

Commodities are the basic products on which the survival of mankind depends: basic food and fuel. They also include precious metals, for example, gold, silver and platinum, and luxury items like coffee and cocoa beans. Geopolitical events, such as wars, changes in oil production, poor yields, can cause changes in the prices of raw materials. Such goods as gold and oil are in special demand for trading CFD on the GuardianStock platform. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they almost daily appear in the news.

Stock Trading

A share is a certificate of ownership of a public company like Apple or Facebook. Quotations of all shares grow or fall, depending on the actual or perceived performance of the company. Traders tend to buy shares at a low price, in the hope that they will grow and they can be sold more expensive. Some shares also imply the payment of dividends to their owners. Traders of GuardianStock do not need to buy shares and then sell them. They are available for trading on a platform in the form of CFDs.


An index is a group consisting of a certain number of companies. The total value of all companies is expressed in terms of the index. This is a kind of indicator of the general state of the economy or a certain industry. For large companies to be represented in the indices is considered prestigious, as it means their competitiveness. Trading positions on indices can be opened in the same way as for other assets. On GuardianStock, they are traded as CFDs and presented like simple shares. Indices have been recognized as reliable financial assets in the last decade. Before that, they were popular among traders who were interested in spread betting.

8 basic indices of the world economy

There are several indices, which are constantly covered in financial news and are considered indicators of the national (and even world) economy. Traders and economists argue about the importance of various indices, but some are still uncontested leaders, regardless of their classification:

  • S&P 500
  • Nikkei 225
  • FTSE 100
  • DAX
  • NASDAQ Composite
  • Hang Seng
  • SSE
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average

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