Economic calendar

Receive notifications about major financial events of the month and optimize your trading decisions

Keep up to date economic information with the calendar of events from GuardianStock. Relevant news on all indicators, data on upcoming publications on the economy of the United States, Britain, Japan and other developed countries, estimates of expected volatility and much more - the economic calendar will become an indispensable assistant for every trader.


A flag indicates the country that issued the data.

Volatility is an indicator of the expected impact on the market: in the calendar it displays "Volatility" and is supplemented by yellow / orange and red exclamation marks. Red sticks mean that, according to the forecast, this event can strongly affect the market, and yellow - weakly. Orange color is the effect of medium strength.

Actual value / Forecast / Previous value - All indicators of the economic calendar have "Previous value" - the data value in the last release. The frequency of releases varies - the previous release may be yesterday, and may be released 3 months ago. To most indicators, the value "Forecast" is added - the average score of experts. When the data is updated, it is immediately displayed to the right of the "Forecast". If the data turns out to be worse than consensus, then it turns red, if it is better, then green.

The economic calendar provides only general information. GuardianStock does its best to provide the most accurate information, but due to the huge amount of data and their sources, there may be inaccuracies, for which GuardianStock is not responsible. The economic calendar in real time can be changed without warning about it.

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